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Basic Rules and Regulations


1. Players are expected to behave in an honorable and respectful manner. Direct and inflammatory attacks on other players will not be tolerated. Obey all Admin requests in the server and if you have any questions or disagreements address those in the forums and not the server.

2. Do not cheat.

3. Do not use foul language. This includes swearing, inappropriate sexual comments, and racist language.

4. Do not crouch hop or bunny hop.

5. No mic spamming. We value fun conversation and friendly banter. Use common sense to know the difference.

6. Play each map as it is intended to be played. Do the objective. Don't waste everyone else's time.

7. Friendly fire is always on. Do not intentionally wound or kill teammates.

8. Do not grenade spam.

9. Players must have names that are at least three characters. Players may not be named 'Player'.

10. Do not boast. Do not spray or otherwise disrespect dead players.

11. Do not boss other players around or criticize players with less skill than you. We are a casual server geared around fun, not a competitive server geared around winning.


1. Circle of Friends members may not belong to other casual Counter-Strike 1.6 clans. Do not wear another clan tag in the server.

2. Circle of Friends members are expected to behave in a respectful manner while representing our clan.

3. Clan Members are expected to promote a healthy and competitive environment while playing online. Members are expected to actively participate in keeping every game as balanced and enjoyable as possible while playing online.

4. Clanchat and Tsay are not to be used to communicate game information to live players. Do not use these tools to betray positions or instruct teammates to pick up an awp.
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Demo's How to get the best demo.

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Posted 24 January 2005 - 11:20 PM

There are some really simple steps that you can undertake in order to get the best possible demo.

Before we start I think it is important to be aware that the higher the ping you have the larger the margin of error on the demo is. You should not be recording a demo on a server that lags you or if you are getting much choke/loss.

Second: be aware of how long you are recording. Each minute is app. 2 megabyte of demo which will be around 500KB zipped. So take demos that are not longer then 5 minutes before recording a new one.

Lets move on.

Step 1:
When you have located the person that you would like to demo be sure to get into a position where you can spectate him without him really noticing. Assess if it is ok for you to go directly in spectatemode or if you need to reconnect first then join spectaters. But not before you have checked if the server allows spectaters. Should the server not allow this you can either "chooseteam" -> select a team, but do not select a skin this way you will have spectating abillities but not be forced to spawn each round, or you can type "kill" in console. The latter will alert a vigilant cheater so be aware not to draw to much attention to yourself.

Step 2:
Once you have gotten into the spectating position start the demo by bringing down the console and typing "record [name]". The demo will appear in the cstrike folder with the [name].dem. Be sure to follow the same person all the time, do not "flip" between people to show where they are on the map compared to the suspected cheater. Should the cheater die before round ends pick a random other person to spectate till he dies ect.

Step 3:
After you have started recording you need to verify the persons ID's. Bring down the console again and type "status" [enter] followed by "Snapshot" [enter]. This will leave a stats call in the demo that will be vissible during playback, and also make a .BMP file in the cstrike folder called MAP0001.bmp. Be sure to add that screenshot in the final .zip or .rar.

Step 4:
The final step is simply to type "stop" in console when the 5 minutes of recording has ended, and if you think it is insufficient make a new recording taking the same steps once again.

To View Demo.

1. Copy demo to your cstrike directory if not already there. (example of demo file name - hacker.dem)

2. Right click on your steam icon in your tray, select games, select counter strike

3. In console type - veiwdemo demoname (example viewdemo hacker)

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