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Procedure when requesting to be unbanned Unban Requests *Read First*

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Posted 11 June 2014 - 12:06 AM

If you were banned in the COF servers, please post the date and time of the ban as well as the map you were on at the time of the ban.

  • If you have not checked the rules before you post, read them

If you use foul language or slander CoF in anyway or yell admin abuse!, you will be banned immediately from the forums and your case will not be heard.

Bans are hardly overturned but in some small cases they can be overturned.so being positive in your post may help your case.

Some Reasons you may have been banned:

  • Your ban may have been accidental. (Admin banned the wrong player)
  • You were kicked and you thought it was a ban.
  • You may have been kicked to make room for a COF Member. (Slot Reservation)
  • You may have only been temporarily banned. (15,30,or 60 mins)
  • You may have been temporarily banned for Tking Players or Hostages. (Usually only 15 minutes)
  • You may be suspected of cheating.
  • You may have been banned for Violation of our server rules (Visit our rules and regulations section)
  • You may have been banned because due to your excellent game play an admin asked you to tone it down a bit, and you either ignored this or refused to tone it down.(Your gameplay caused a lot of players and or members to leave the server. Pub Servers are geared for fun, not competition.)

Advisement on how to proceed:

Maybe you should wait at least 60minutes before posting anything, just to see if it was indeed a temp ban instead of a permanent ban.

Might want to visit our rules and regulationssection and read our server rules. (Try and see if you may have broken a rule or 2)

This is just to restate what is in our Rules and Regulations ...

Your computer and your steam account is your responsibility. If someone else used your account to do something that caused it to be banned from COF, then do not complain to us. We are not responsible for what your brother, cousin, friend, dog, cat, etc.. did with your account. Only you are. We suggest that you logoff off steam when not playing and not give anyone your steam password to keep problems from happening.

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